Join forces with startup specialists to develop your product or scale your team.

Project managers, developers, designers and more are ready to execute your vision.

Here to help at any stage of your venture

Your tech-co founder if full of work and needs some help

Your tech co-founder has a full workload and needs additional support

You have a great idea but a tech co-founder is missing in your team

You have a great idea but you need tech co-founder to make it a reality

You are tired of expensive quotations from your nearby providers and want a startup friendly service

You’re tired of paying high prices to local providers. You need flexible, startup-friendly service

You tried to outsource and you got lost in the jungle of odesk, elance, freelancer & co

You tried to outsource but got lost in the jungle of the online freelance platforms. You need one cohesive team to work toward one vision

You are in a technology pivot and need a very different technology expertise

You’re ready to make a tech pivot and need to add a new technological skill set to your arsenal

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Why Bootwise

One Team, Unlimited Skill Sets

You need a coder, a software architect, a mobile expert, an SEO guru, graphic designer or all of the above. Hire a single team led by a project manager to get the job done

Proven Methodology & Toolkit

For startups, starting new ventures shouldn’t mean reinventing the wheel. Get product development powered by our time-tested methodology and toolkit.

Startup-Friendly Pricing

Flexible monthly packages and startup-friendly pricing means you can make all the tweaks or overhauls you need to perfect your product—for one, set-in-stone monthly price.

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Our philosophy

we love startup!

One Team, One Goal. Keep Improving.
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